Community Bank Branch Details

Buninyong & District Community Bank

Address: 401B Warrenheip Street, Buninyong 3357
Phone: 5341 8066
Manager: Randall Dreger 

Customer Relationship Manager:

Customer Relationship Officers: 

Customer Service Officers: 


  • 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • 9am - 12noon, Saturday


In common with most Community Bank® branches, the Bank's services include full deposit and loan facilities, credit & debit cards, ATM, cash and cheque services, investment and insurance using the systems, products, advice, assistance and training of the Bendigo Bank.

Buninyong & District Financial Services Limited

Buninyong Community Bank® Project


Buninyong & District Financial Services Limited
ABN 63 137 673 388
Registered Office:   501 Warrenheip Street, Buninyong 3357
Postal Address:   PO Box 729, Buninyong 3357


Chair:  Ian Corcoran
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Company Secretary:  Robert Tommasini
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Brendan Allan
Ronald Delaland
Joanne Innes
Richard McDowell
Omaru Maruatono
Andrea Mason
Lydia Mzondo
Debbie Rybicki
Garry Trotter

The Bank's Vision and Mission

VISION: We will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our Community.

MISSION: Building on the 150 year tradition of the Bendigo Bank we will provide accessible, friendly and competitive financial services to individuals, families, groups and business in our Community.

Buninyong & District Financial Services Limited operate a Community Bank® branch of Bendigo Bank at 401B Warrenheip Street, Buninyong, utilizing a non-exclusive franchise of Bendigo Bank.

Board of Directors

The management and control of the business and affairs of the Company is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

The Company was formally established in accord with the laws of Australia, and has adopted a Constitution establishing rules, regulations and guidelines upon which the Company is required to operate, including obligations of the Directors. Significant amongst these obligations is a requirement that Directors ensure that there is a broad ownership of the Company by members of the Buninyong & District community.

The Company's Board is determined to ensure that the banking services the community wants are returned to Buninyong & District, to feed the community prosperity, not feed off it.

Board of directors
The Company's Founding Board of Directors:
Front row, Left to Right: Barry Fitzgerald, John Emery (Chairman), Gary Trotter
Middle row, Left to Right: Ian Salathiel, Steve Falconer (Company Secretary)
Back row, Left to Right: Ron Delaland, Russell Luckock